Meredith Lusher Fleece

Commonwealth LNG

Branding and website design.

Commonwealth LNG needed branding and a website in order to debut in the public space, in a bid to start a revolutionary LNG export company based in coastal Louisiana. The look and feel pays homage to the nature and beauty that is home to the area Commonwealth LNG hopes to boost with jobs and support. 

We created a graphic system of circles and rings to echo the circular shape of the logo, as well as ripples in the water ways Commonwealth LNG will use to ship its liquid cargo. Topography and liquid was also the source of patterns that can be used as supportive textures, and help enrich the brand. View live site

Commonwealth_BrandBoard_MLF04 2-02.png
Commonwealth_BrandBoard_MLF04 2-03.png
Commonwealth_BrandBoard_MLF04 2-04.png

Commonwealth LNG Website Design