My brain isn't always stimulated at work (gasp!), so recently, I've decided to challenge myself to go back to the basics. AKA drawing. And to keep myself accountable, I've created an Instagram account specifically to showcase my scribbles. To avoid burnout, I'm starting with a rule to post 3 things a week. 

Check out my progress @MLF_Sketchbook ! You can help keep me motivated :-)

One thing that always stuck with me when I was in college, was the importance of being prolific. I would be learning about different artists and their habits, and it seemed that just the act of making art, good or bad, seemed to propel them to success. One of my favorite artists, Kiki Smith, is just that kind of artist. She is always making things. Her imagination is always at work. #goals

And while I doubt this will bring me any fame, I think it will give people insight into my brain and style, and my loves of animals and nature. 

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